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Install Lemmy, Simplified(?)
> Self-host Lemmy Docker

Doing add and subtract directly in Go templates
> GoLang

The Jellyfish stings: Note to upgrading servers from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04
> Web Docker PHP VirtualEnv apache2

Solving GSConnect on Fedora unable to find phone
> Linux Fedora GSConnect

formidable, koa-body and my rant about CVE
> DevOps Container Security CVE Vulnerability NodeJS TypeScript


Graduated from HKUST as BEng on Computer Science and CUHK as MSc on Computer Science, I made WSL Utilities, and build other software as WE. Studio. Previously worked as a software developer in Canonical mainly developing Ubuntu for WSL and helped develop Pengwin at Whitewater Foundry. My CV in pdf can be found here.

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