Usage Of the new Segoe MDL2 icons

date: Nov 27, 2015
- Icon
language: English
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The Windows 8/8.1 Segoe UI Symbol icon font has been replaced with the Segoe MDL2 Assets font effective with the release of Windows 10.

It can be used in much the same manner as the older font, but many glyphs have been redrawn in the Windows 10 icon style with the font’s metrics set so that icons are aligned within the font’s em-square instead of on a typographic baseline.

So in Windows 10, You have to use the new Segoe MDL2. Besides the traditional use, There is other more simple way of using them. Font direct is a way I find that can be useful. I found this way by using the IntensiveTemplate to build my app uwp.HKUST. They use the direct font:

Then it will be very hard to input the font. I have tried to find a good website to find the way to input the font since the system itself don’t support the extended Segoe UI Symbol series. I find a great website to transfer the code: Unicode Converter . This is a great website to type the untypeable code.

Now, WeCode is the app developed by me that simplified everything for you.Download here now!

I will also attach a new sheet of Segoe MDL2 icons that includes a new line of the icons.


Code Symbol Enum Description
U+E006 ![HeartLegacy]( "HeartLegacy") HeartLegacy Outlined heart
U+E0A5 ![HeartFillLegacy]( "HeartFillLegacy") HeartFillLegacy Solid heart
U+E007 ![HeartBrokenLegacy]( "HeartBrokenLegacy") HeartBrokenLegacy Broken heart
U+E00B ![HeartFillZeroWidthLegacy]( "HeartFillZeroWidthLegacy") HeartFillZeroWidthLegacy Solid heart (zero width)
U+E00C ![HeartBrokenZeroWidthLegacy]( "HeartBrokenZeroWidthLegacy") HeartBrokenZeroWidthLegacy Broken heart (zero width)

Rating stars

Code Symbol Enum Description
U+E224 ![RatingStarLegacy]( "RatingStarLegacy") RatingStarLegacy Outlined star
U+E0B4 ![RatingStarFillLegacy]( "RatingStarFillLegacy") RatingStarFillLegacy Solid star
U+E00A ![RatingStarFillZeroWidthLegacy]( "RatingStarFillZeroWidthLegacy") RatingStarFillZeroWidthLegacy Solid star (zero width)
U+E082 ![RatingStarFillReducedPaddingHTMLLegacy]( "RatingStarFillReducedPaddingHTMLLegacy") RatingStarFillReducedPaddingHTMLLegacy Solid star (reduced padding for use in HTML)
U+E0B5 ![RatingStarFillSmallLegacy]( "RatingStarFillSmallLegacy") RatingStarFillSmallLegacy Small star
U+E7C6 ![HalfStarLeft]( "HalfStarLeft") HalfStarLeft Half star, left side
U+E7C7 ![HalfStarRight]( "HalfStarRight") HalfStarRight Half star, right side

Checkbox components

Code Symbol Enum Description
U+E001 ![CheckMarkLegacy]( "CheckMarkLegacy") CheckMarkLegacy Check mark
U+E002 ![CheckboxFillLegacy]( "CheckboxFillLegacy") CheckboxFillLegacy Filled checkbox
U+E003 ![CheckboxLegacy]( "CheckboxLegacy") CheckboxLegacy Checkbox
U+E004 ![CheckboxIndeterminateLegacy]( "CheckboxIndeterminateLegacy") CheckboxIndeterminateLegacy Indeterminate state
U+E005 ![CheckboxCompositeReversedLegacy]( "CheckboxCompositeReversedLegacy") CheckboxCompositeReversedLegacy Reversed
U+E008 ![CheckMarkZeroWidthLegacy]( "CheckMarkZeroWidthLegacy") CheckMarkZeroWidthLegacy Check mark (zero width)
U+E009 ![CheckboxFillZeroWidthLegacy]( "CheckboxFillZeroWidthLegacy") CheckboxFillZeroWidthLegacy Fill (zero width)
U+E0A2 ![CheckboxCompositeLegacy]( "CheckboxCompositeLegacy") CheckboxCompositeLegacy Composite
U+E739 ![Checkbox]( "Checkbox") Checkbox Checkbox
U+E73A ![CheckboxComposite]( "CheckboxComposite") CheckboxComposite Composite checkbox
U+E73B ![CheckboxFill]( "CheckboxFill") CheckboxFill Filled checkbox
U+E73C ![CheckboxIndeterminate]( "CheckboxIndeterminate") CheckboxIndeterminate Indeterminate state
U+E73D ![CheckboxCompositeReversed]( "CheckboxCompositeReversed") CheckboxCompositeReversed Reversed composite
U+E73E ![CheckMark]( "CheckMark") CheckMark Check mark


Code Symbol Enum Description
U+E134 ![CommentLegacy]( "CommentLegacy") CommentLegacy Comment
U+E113 ![FavoriteLegacy]( "FavoriteLegacy") FavoriteLegacy
U+E195 ![UnfavoriteLegacy]( "UnfavoriteLegacy") UnfavoriteLegacy
U+E734 ![FavoriteStar]( "FavoriteStar") FavoriteStar Favorite outlined
U+E735 ![FavoriteStarFill]( "FavoriteStarFill") FavoriteStarFill
U+E8D9 ![Unfavorite]( "Unfavorite") Unfavorite
U+E19F ![LikeLegacy]( "LikeLegacy") LikeLegacy
U+E19E ![DislikeLegacy]( "DislikeLegacy") DislikeLegacy
U+E19D ![LikeDislikeLegacy]( "LikeDislikeLegacy") LikeDislikeLegacy
U+E116 ![VideoLegacy]( "VideoLegacy") VideoLegacy
U+E714 ![Video]( "Video") Video
U+E20B ![MailMessageLegacy]( "MailMessageLegacy") MailMessageLegacy Mail legacy
U+E248 ![ReplyLegacy]( "ReplyLegacy") ReplyLegacy Reply
U+E249 ![Favorite2Legacy]( "Favorite2Legacy") Favorite2Legacy Favorite filled
U+E24E ![Unfavorite2Legacy]( "Unfavorite2Legacy") Unfavorite2Legacy Unfavorite
U+E25A ![MobileContactLegacy]( "MobileContactLegacy") MobileContactLegacy Mobile contact
U+E25B ![BlockedLegacy]( "BlockedLegacy") BlockedLegacy Blocked contact
U+E25C ![TypingIndicatorLegacy]( "TypingIndicatorLegacy") TypingIndicatorLegacy Typing indicator
U+E25D ![PresenceChickletVideoLegacy]( "PresenceChickletVideoLegacy") PresenceChickletVideoLegacy Video presence chicklet
U+E25E ![PresenceChickletLegacy]( "PresenceChickletLegacy") PresenceChickletLegacy Presence chicklet

Scroll bar arrows

Code Symbol Enum
U+E00E ![ScrollChevronLeftLegacy]( "ScrollChevronLeftLegacy") ScrollChevronLeftLegacy
U+E00F ![ScrollChevronRightLegacy]( "ScrollChevronRightLegacy") ScrollChevronRightLegacy
U+E010 ![ScrollChevronUpLegacy]( "ScrollChevronUpLegacy") ScrollChevronUpLegacy
U+E011 ![ScrollChevronDownLegacy]( "ScrollChevronDownLegacy") ScrollChevronDownLegacy
U+E016 ![ScrollChevronLeftBoldLegacy]( "ScrollChevronLeftBoldLegacy") ScrollChevronLeftBoldLegacy
U+E017 ![ScrollChevronRightBoldLegacy]( "ScrollChevronRightBoldLegacy") ScrollChevronRightBoldLegacy
U+E018 ![ScrollChevronUpBoldLegacy]( "ScrollChevronUpBoldLegacy") ScrollChevronUpBoldLegacy
U+E019 ![ScrollChevronDownBoldLegacy]( "ScrollChevronDownBoldLegacy") ScrollChevronDownBoldLegacy

Back buttons

Legacy glyphs for back buttons are available in 2 different sizes so that the weight of the outer ring is consistent at 20pt, and 42pt. Two new proportional chrome back buttons are also available. These glyphs are designed to support layering.

Code Symbol Enum Description
U+E0C4 ![BackBttnArrow20Legacy]( "BackBttnArrow20Legacy") BackBttnArrow20Legacy Back button arrow, 20pt
U+E0A6 ![BackBttnArrow42Legacy]( "BackBttnArrow42Legacy") BackBttnArrow42Legacy Back button arrow, 42pt
U+E0AD ![BackBttnMirroredArrow20Legacy]( "BackBttnMirroredArrow20Legacy") BackBttnMirroredArrow20Legacy Mirrored back button arrow reversed, 20pt
U+E0AB ![BackBttnMirroredArrow42Legacy]( "BackBttnMirroredArrow42Legacy") BackBttnMirroredArrow42Legacy Mirrored back button arrow reversed, 42pt
U+E830 ![ChromeBack]( "ChromeBack") ChromeBack Chrome back button
U+EA47 ![ChromeBackMirrored]( "ChromeBackMirrored") ChromeBackMirrored Chrome back mirrored button

Back arrows for HTML

Add additional code to create circles around these glyphs.

Code Symbol Enum Description
U+E0D5 ![ArrowHTMLLegacy]( "ArrowHTMLLegacy") ArrowHTMLLegacy Arrow for HTML use
U+E0AE ![ArrowHTMLMirroredLegacy]( "ArrowHTMLMirroredLegacy") ArrowHTMLMirroredLegacy Mirrored version of U+E0D5

AppBar glyphs

Use glyphs from the following list for an AppBar. By convention, they’re referred to by their enum names. And they’re designed as 20x20px icons with no circle.

Code Symbol Enum Description
U+E8FB ![Accept]( "Accept") Accept
U+E910 ![Accounts]( "Accounts") Accounts
U+E710 ![Add]( "Add") Add
U+E8FA ![Addfriend]( "Addfriend") AddFriend
U+E7EF ![Admin]( "Admin") Admin
U+E8E3 ![Aligncenter]( "Aligncenter") AlignCenter
U+E8E4 ![Alignleft]( "Alignleft") AlignLeft
U+E8E2 ![Alignright]( "Alignright") Alignright
U+E71D ![Allapps]( "Allapps") AllApps
U+E723 ![Attach]( "Attach") Attach
U+E8A2 ![Attachcamera]( "Attachcamera") AttachCamera
U+E8D6 ![Audio]( "Audio") Audio
U+E72B ![Back]( "Back") Back
U+E73F ![Backtowindow]( "Backtowindow") BackToWindow
U+E8F8 ![Blockcontact]( "Blockcontact") BlockContact
U+E8DD ![Bold]( "Bold") Bold
U+E8A4 ![Bookmarks]( "Bookmarks") Bookmarks
U+E7C5 ![Browsephotos]( "Browsephotos") BrowsePhotos
U+E8FD ![Bulletedlist]( "Bulletedlist") BulletedList
U+E8EF ![Calculator]( "Calculator") Calculator
U+E787 ![Calendar]( "Calendar") Calendar
U+E8BF ![Calendarday]( "Calendarday") CalendarDay
U+E8F5 ![Calendarreply]( "Calendarreply") CalendarReply
U+E8C0 ![Calendarweek]( "Calendarweek") CalendarWeek
U+E722 ![Camera]( "Camera") Camera
U+E711 ![Cancel]( "Cancel") Cancel
U+E8BA ![Caption]( "Caption") Caption
U+E7F0 ![CC]( "CC") CC
U+E8EA ![Cellphone]( "Cellphone") Cellphone
U+E8C1 ![Characters]( "Characters") Characters
U+E894 ![Clear]( "Clear") Clear
U+E8E6 ![Clearselection]( "Clearselection") ClearSelection
U+E89F ![Closepane]( "Closepane") ClosePane
U+E753 ![Cloud]( "Cloud") Cloud
U+E90A ![Comment]( "Comment") Comment
U+E77B ![Contact]( "Contact") Contact
U+E8D4 ![Contact2]( "Contact2") Contact2
U+E779 ![Contactinfo]( "Contactinfo") ContactInfo
U+E8CF ![Contactpresence]( "Contactpresence") ContactPresence
U+E8C8 ![Copy]( "Copy") Copy
U+E7A8 ![Crop]( "Crop") Crop
U+E8C6 ![Cut]( "Cut") Cut
U+E74D ![Delete]( "Delete") Delete
U+E8F0 ![Directions]( "Directions") Directions
U+E8D8 ![Disableupdates]( "Disableupdates") DisableUpdates
U+E8CD ![Disconnectdrive]( "Disconnectdrive") DisconnectDrive
U+E8E0 ![Dislike]( "Dislike") Dislike
U+E90E ![Dockbottom]( "Dockbottom") DockBottom
U+E90C ![Dockleft]( "Dockleft") DockLeft
U+E90D ![Dockright]( "Dockright") DockRight
U+E8A5 ![Document]( "Document") Document
U+E896 ![Download]( "Download") Download
U+E70F ![Edit]( "Edit") Edit
U+E899 ![Emoji]( "Emoji") Emoji
U+E76E ![Emoji2]( "Emoji2") Emoji2
U+E728 ![Favoritelist]( "Favoritelist") FavoriteList
U+E734 ![Favoritestar]( "Favoritestar") FavoriteStar
U+E735 ![Favoritestarfill]( "Favoritestarfill") FavoriteStarFill
U+E71C ![Filter]( "Filter") Filter
U+E11A ![Findlegacy]( "Findlegacy") FindLegacy
U+E7C1 ![Flag]( "Flag") Flag
U+E8B7 ![Folder]( "Folder") Folder
U+E8D2 ![Font]( "Font") Font
U+E8D3 ![Fontcolor]( "Fontcolor") Fontcolor
U+E8E7 ![Fontdecrease]( "Fontdecrease") FontDecrease
U+E8E8 ![Fontincrease]( "Fontincrease") FontIncrease
U+E8E9 ![Fontsize]( "Fontsize") FontSize
U+E72A ![Forward]( "Forward") Forward
U+E908 ![Fourbars]( "Fourbars") FourBars
U+E740 ![Fullscreen]( "Fullscreen") FullScreen
U+E774 ![Globe]( "Globe") Globe
U+E8AD ![Go]( "Go") Go
U+E8FC ![Gotostart]( "Gotostart") GoToStart
U+E8D1 ![Gototoday]( "Gototoday") GoToToday
U+E778 ![Hangup]( "Hangup") Hangup
U+E897 ![Help]( "Help") Help
U+E8C5 ![Hidebcc]( "Hidebcc") HideBCC
U+E7E6 ![Highlight]( "Highlight") Highlight
U+E80F ![Home]( "Home") Home
U+E8B5 ![Import]( "Import") Import
U+E8B6 ![Importall]( "Importall") ImportAll
U+E8C9 ![Important]( "Important") Important
U+E8DB ![Italic]( "Italic") Italic
U+E765 ![Keyboardclassic]( "Keyboardclassic") KeyboardClassic
U+E89B ![Leavechat]( "Leavechat") LeaveChat
U+E8F1 ![Library]( "Library") Library
U+E8E1 ![Like]( "Like") Like
U+E8DF ![Likedislike]( "Likedislike") LikeDislike
U+E71B ![Link]( "Link") Link
U+EA37 ![List]( "List") List
U+E81D ![Location]( "Location") Location
U+E715 ![Mail]( "Mail") Mail
U+E8A8 ![Mailfill]( "Mailfill") MailFill
U+E89C ![Mailforward]( "Mailforward") MailForward
U+E8CA ![Mailreply]( "Mailreply") MailReply
U+E8C2 ![Mailreplyall]( "Mailreplyall") MailReplyAll
U+E912 ![Manage]( "Manage") Manage
U+E8CE ![Mapdrive]( "Mapdrive") MapDrive
U+E707 ![Mappin]( "Mappin") Mappin
U+E77C ![Memo]( "Memo") Memo
U+E8BD ![Message]( "Message") Message
U+E720 ![Microphone]( "Microphone") Microphone
U+E712 ![More]( "More") More
U+E8DE ![Movetofolder]( "Movetofolder") MoveToFolder
U+E90B ![Musicinfo]( "Musicinfo") MusicInfo
U+E74F ![Mute]( "Mute") Mute
U+E8F4 ![Newfolder]( "Newfolder") NewFolder
U+E78B ![Newwindow]( "Newwindow") NewWindow
U+E893 ![Next]( "Next") Next
U+E905 ![Onebar]( "Onebar") OneBar
U+E8E5 ![Openfile]( "Openfile") OpenFile
U+E8DA ![Openlocal]( "Openlocal") OpenLocal
U+E8A0 ![Openpane]( "Openpane") OpenPane
U+E7AC ![Openwith]( "Openwith") OpenWith
U+E8B4 ![Orientation]( "Orientation") Orientation
U+E7EE ![Otheruser]( "Otheruser") OtherUser
U+E1CE ![Outlinestarlegacy]( "Outlinestarlegacy") OutlineStarLegacy
U+E7C3 ![Page]( "Page") Page
U+E77F ![Paste]( "Paste") Paste
U+E769 ![Pause]( "Pause") Pause
U+E716 ![People]( "People") People
U+E8D7 ![Permissions]( "Permissions") Permissions
U+E717 ![Phone]( "Phone") Phone
U+E780 ![Phonebook]( "Phonebook") PhoneBook
U+E718 ![Pin]( "Pin") Pin
U+E768 ![Play]( "Play") Play
U+E8F3 ![Postupdate]( "Postupdate") PostUpdate
U+E8FF ![Preview]( "Preview") Preview
U+E8A1 ![Previewlink]( "Previewlink") PreviewLink
U+E892 ![Previous]( "Previous") Previous
U+E8D0 ![Priority]( "Priority") Priority
U+E8A6 ![Protecteddocument]( "Protecteddocument") ProtectedDocument
U+E8C3 ![Read]( "Read") Read
U+E7A6 ![Redo]( "Redo") Redo
U+E72C ![Refresh]( "Refresh") Refresh
U+E8AF ![Remote]( "Remote") Remote
U+E738 ![Remove]( "Remove") Remove
U+E8AC ![Rename]( "Rename") Rename
U+E90F ![Repair]( "Repair") Repair
U+E8EE ![Repeatall]( "Repeatall") RepeatAll
U+E8ED ![Repeatone]( "Repeatone") RepeatOne
U+E730 ![Reporthacked]( "Reporthacked") ReportHacked
U+E8EB ![Reshare]( "Reshare") Reshare
U+E7AD ![Rotate]( "Rotate") Rotate
U+E89E ![Rotatecamera]( "Rotatecamera") RotateCamera
U+E74E ![Save]( "Save") Save
U+E78C ![Savelocal]( "Savelocal") SaveLocal
U+E8FE ![Scan]( "Scan") Scan
U+E8B3 ![Selectall]( "Selectall") SelectAll
U+E724 ![Send]( "Send") Send
U+E7B5 ![Setlockscreen]( "Setlockscreen") SetLockScreen
U+E97B ![Settile]( "Settile") SetTile
U+E713 ![Settings]( "Settings") Settings
U+E72D ![Share]( "Share") Share
U+E719 ![Shop]( "Shop") Shop
U+E8C4 ![Showbcc]( "Showbcc") ShowBCC
U+E8BC ![Showresults]( "Showresults") ShowResults
U+E8B1 ![Shuffle]( "Shuffle") Shuffle
U+E786 ![Slideshow]( "Slideshow") Slideshow
U+E1CF ![Solidstarlegacy]( "Solidstarlegacy") SolidStarLegacy
U+E8CB ![Sort]( "Sort") Sort
U+E71A ![Stop]( "Stop") Stop
U+E913 ![Street]( "Street") Street
U+E8AB ![Switch]( "Switch") Switch
U+E8F9 ![Switchapps]( "Switchapps") SwitchApps
U+E895 ![Sync]( "Sync") Sync
U+E8F7 ![Syncfolder]( "Syncfolder") SyncFolder
U+E8EC ![Tag]( "Tag") Tag
U+E907 ![Threebars]( "Threebars") ThreeBars
U+E7C9 ![Touchpointer]( "Touchpointer") TouchPointer
U+E78A ![Trim]( "Trim") Trim
U+E906 ![Twobars]( "Twobars") TwoBars
U+E89A ![Twopage]( "Twopage") TwoPage
U+E8DC ![Underline]( "Underline") Underline
U+E7A7 ![Undo]( "Undo") Undo
U+E8D9 ![Unfavorite](,WIN.10).png "Unfavorite") UnFavorite
U+E77A ![Unpin]( "Unpin") UnPin
U+E8F6 ![Unsyncfolder]( "Unsyncfolder") UnSyncFolder
U+E74A ![Up]( "Up") Up
U+E898 ![Upload]( "Upload") Upload
U+E8AA ![Videochat]( "Videochat") VideoChat
U+E890 ![View]( "View") View
U+E8A9 ![Viewall]( "Viewall") ViewAll
U+E767 ![Volume]( "Volume") Volume
U+E8B8 ![Webcam]( "Webcam") Webcam
U+E909 ![World]( "World") World
U+E904 ![Zerobars]( "Zerobars") ZeroBars
U+E71E ![Zoom]( "Zoom") Zoom
U+E8A3 ![Zoomin]( "Zoomin") ZoomIn
U+E71F ![Zoomout]( "Zoomout") ZoomOut

Battery icons

Code Symbol Enum Code Symbol Enum
E996 ![BatteryUnknown]( "BatteryUnknown") BatteryUnknown EC02 ![MobBatteryUnknown]( "MobBatteryUnknown") MobBatteryUnknown
E850 ![Battery0]( "Battery0") Battery0 EBA0 ![MobBattery0]( "MobBattery0") MobBattery0
E851 ![Battery1]( "Battery1") Battery1 EBA1 ![MobBattery1]( "MobBattery1") MobBattery1
E852 ![Battery2]( "Battery2") Battery2 EBA2 ![MobBattery2]( "MobBattery2") MobBattery2
E853 ![Battery3]( "Battery3") Battery3 EBA3 ![MobBattery3]( "MobBattery3") MobBattery3
E854 ![Battery4]( "Battery4") Battery4 EBA4 ![MobBattery4]( "MobBattery4") MobBattery4
E855 ![Battery5]( "Battery5") Battery5 EBA5 ![MobBattery5]( "MobBattery5") MobBattery5
E856 ![Battery6]( "Battery6") Battery6 EBA6 ![MobBattery6]( "MobBattery6") MobBattery6
E857 ![Battery7]( "Battery7") Battery7 EBA7 ![MobBattery7]( "MobBattery7") MobBattery7
E858 ![Battery8]( "Battery8") Battery8 EBA8 ![MobBattery8]( "MobBattery8") MobBattery8
E859 ![Battery9]( "Battery9") Battery9 EBA9 ![MobBattery9]( "MobBattery9") MobBattery9
E83F ![Battery10]( "Battery10") Battery10 EBA0 ![MobBatter10]( "MobBatter10") MobBatter10
E85A ![BatteryCharging0]( "BatteryCharging0") BatteryCharging0 EBAB ![MobBatteryCharging0]( "MobBatteryCharging0") MobBatteryCharging0
E85B ![BatteryCharging1]( "BatteryCharging1") BatteryCharging1 EBAC ![MobBatteryCharging1]( "MobBatteryCharging1") MobBatteryCharging1
E85C ![BatteryCharging2]( "BatteryCharging2") BatteryCharging2 EBAD ![MobBatteryCharging2]( "MobBatteryCharging2") MobBatteryCharging2
E85D ![BatteryCharging3]( "BatteryCharging3") BatteryCharging3 EBAE ![MobBatteryCharging3]( "MobBatteryCharging3") MobBatteryCharging3
E85E ![BatteryCharging4]( "BatteryCharging4") BatteryCharging4 EBAF ![MobBatteryCharging4]( "MobBatteryCharging4") MobBatteryCharging4
E85F ![BatteryCharging5]( "BatteryCharging5") BatteryCharging5 EBB0 ![MobBatteryCharging5]( "MobBatteryCharging5") MobBatteryCharging5
E860 ![BatteryCharging6]( "BatteryCharging6") BatteryCharging6 EBB1 ![MobBatteryCharging6]( "MobBatteryCharging6") MobBatteryCharging6
E861 ![BatteryCharging7]( "BatteryCharging7") BatteryCharging7 EBB2 ![MobBatteryCharging7]( "MobBatteryCharging7") MobBatteryCharging7
E862 ![BatteryCharging8]( "BatteryCharging8") BatteryCharging8 EBB3 ![MobBatteryCharging8]( "MobBatteryCharging8") MobBatteryCharging8
E83E ![BatteryCharging9]( "BatteryCharging9") BatteryCharging9 EBB4 ![MobBatteryCharging9]( "MobBatteryCharging9") MobBatteryCharging9
ea93 ![BatteryCharging10]( "BatteryCharging10") BatteryCharging10 EBB5 ![MobBatteryChargin10]( "MobBatteryChargin10") MobBatteryChargin10
E863 ![BatterySaver0]( "BatterySaver0") BatterySaver0 EBB6 ![MobBatterySaver0]( "MobBatterySaver0") MobBatterySaver0
E864 ![BatterySaver1]( "BatterySaver1") BatterySaver1 EBB7 ![MobBatterySaver1]( "MobBatterySaver1") MobBatterySaver1
E865 ![BatterySaver2]( "BatterySaver2") BatterySaver2 EBB8 ![MobBatterySaver2]( "MobBatterySaver2") MobBatterySaver2
E866 ![BatterySaver3]( "BatterySaver3") BatterySaver3 EBB9 ![MobBatterySaver3]( "MobBatterySaver3") MobBatterySaver3
E867 ![BatterySaver4]( "BatterySaver4") BatterySaver4 EBBA ![MobBatterySaver4]( "MobBatterySaver4") MobBatterySaver4
E868 ![BatterySaver5]( "BatterySaver5") BatterySaver5 EBBB ![MobBatterySaver5]( "MobBatterySaver5") MobBatterySaver5
E869 ![BatterySaver6]( "BatterySaver6") BatterySaver6 EBBC ![MobBatterySaver6]( "MobBatterySaver6") MobBatterySaver6
E86A ![BatterySaver7]( "BatterySaver7") BatterySaver7 EBBD ![MobBatterySaver7]( "MobBatterySaver7") MobBatterySaver7
E86B ![BatterySaver8]( "BatterySaver8") BatterySaver8 EBBE ![MobBatterySaver8]( "MobBatterySaver8") MobBatterySaver8
EA94 ![BatterySaver9]( "BatterySaver9") BatterySaver9 EBBF ![MobBatterySaver9]( "MobBatterySaver9") MobBatterySaver9
EA95 ![BatterySaver10]( "BatterySaver10") BatterySaver10 EBC0 ![MobBatterySaver10]( "MobBatterySaver10") MobBatterySaver10