The Walk

date: Dec 28, 2015
- REDBird
- Write-ups
language: English
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There is nothing more precious than new experiences. This 3-day camping experience have really blew my mind and change how I really see act as an individual and as a team. With the failures and success, pains and happiness within, I harvest this best experience ever.

 D o   y o u   w a n t   t o   h e a r   a   s t o r y ?
D o   y o u   w a n t   t o   h e a r   a   s t o r y ?

Imagining walking alone, in a dark deep forest, slowly. It is already frightening when you hear it. That was the first night, and we were asked to walk alone in the dark deep forest, to give space to us to think about our future. We are asked to walk one by one with the gap of 3 minutes, to make sure that we are all walking solely. All of us had to wait patiently until it’s our turn. Soon, I could not wait and cut in the line to go first. At first, everything was fine for me. I felt quite comfortable at first, while the wind was blowing smoothly. I felt comfortable and walked in a normal speed, to think about my future. When I just decided that I will complete all of the apps that I have delayed in this academic year, I suddenly got a feeling of scare. I don’t know where it comes from, I was just simply scared. I left my torch on and started to run in this dark forest. I made it eventually. But this one really teach me that actually, the scare can cause hallucination. Sometimes, in our life, there are always challenges like these hallucinations that can scares you, but if we don’t be afraid of it, we can eventually achieve what we really want.

This activity, is totally different from other activity in the camp. I teach me one very important thing: we are born with fear. Sometimes, this sudden fear can interfere us with no reason. So this is why we should work hard. although they are characteristics that born with us, we cannot live without them. So, What we do is the same. When we meet difficulties, we have to conquer them instead of ignore them. This is what called life.