Peculiar Stone

date: Jan 20, 2016
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Guilin, a small city in the southern China, got famous by the old idiom “Guilin’s scenery is the beat in the world”. It is a really beautiful city with beautiful rivers, fresh air, clean water and extraordinary mountains-but I rather call them peculiar stones, because they are purely amazing. I have never seen such beautiful mountain before, they looked really strange and awesome. The cruise ship trip on the Li River has the best scenery among all.

That day in the morning, we packed up all our stuffs in our bags. We then went on a cruise ship to Yangshuo through Li River. After the ship started moving, I just couldn’t wait and went to the deck. We really like the scenery around. Since this is not a travel season in Guilin, there are not so many ships on the Li River, which help us a lot. It’s just after a few days’ raining, and it added an extra layer of mysterious. The icy-cold wind is blowing hard on the deck, but I don’t care. All around me are sights.

Guilin Mountains

Sights that are already known around the world. There are all kinds of weird mountains around-although I prefer the expression of peculiar stones to describe it. All of these mountains gave me a feeling of the wallpapers from OS X- but more Chinese Style. They just like Chinese ink brush painting- they are looking incredibly good. My father love it so much that when we were called to eat our launch, he didn’t want to. We then see two major sights that we all want to see The Reflection of yellow cloth as well as the Nine Horse Mountain. It is said that only genius people can count all 9 horse out on Nine Horse Mountain. I tried my best, but I only count 7 horse out after all. In the rest of the ship trip, I am too cold to go out, so I stayed in the ship although the sights outside are still impressive. There are so many sights to see and place to explore in Guilin. These unforgettable experience can only be experienced by trying out yourself. I believe you will love it.


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