At the crossroad

date: Mar 01, 2016

What is poor? Before I went there, I think the answer is simple: it’s poverty without home with a tiny living area, and just that. But after the surviving challenge, my attitude changed.

Because it’s even harder than I think.

These people living in slums are just hard to survive. No, they are not just surviving- their entire lives, their goals, are just surviving. this is not a simulation. It was as if I am poor. I does not matter in this world.

The survive challenge, is to learn about what the people living in poverty do. We have to make paper bags, loan our belongings,  and more, facing the criticism from the shop owners. We are so into it that we forgot everything, although there are NGO providing free services.

Now I realised it. Although NGO might try really hard, the resources still cannot help them, because they just cannot find and do not have enough time to even look for help.

I feel so lucky. because we are so lucky to be born in better cities, and receive better educations.

They are at the crossroad. Every step they step out is gambling. And I know, what I should do, is not just donating money. I want to be a volunteer.

And that’s why I am on the day. I feel really lucky that I am able to volunteer here in Crossroad Foundation. The tasks are tiring, but they are fun. The activities that day help me realise that the thought of “donating money is helping them” is ridiculous. What we have to do , is to help. help them to get work, help them to see hope. In the future, I would like to do more volunteer work, to get to know better around the world.


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