The Road I Choose

date: Mar 07, 2016
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language: English
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Three years before, for the first time, I hike with my friends. Three years later, I step on the same trail that I called Classic now. The only difference is, this time, I am totally on my own, without my friends, without my families.

Mount Butler
Mount Butler

I am on my own.

I am really on my own. My old friends, are now away from me. Tom is now studying in University of Hong Kong, Tommy and Anson is preparing HKDSE. Bryan is now studying filming in Belgium while Yao is still trying to fit in the local in England. Meanwhile, I am studying in HKUST.

On the road, the sight is still the same, but, surprisingly, the scenery is a lot more astonishing than I remembered. The skyline of this metropolis is expanding, faster than I imaging. I can even tell where I live, watching the construction sites establishing parts by parts.

My Classic trail
My Classic trail

The journey ends faster than I expected. This time, I only took 2 and an half hour to complete the whole hiking, which I used to take 4 hours to complete.It is not imaginable for me 3 years before.

But, yeah, this is the road I choose, and, I have been this far. People ask me, “You love computer, but why you still want to hike? It is a waste of a programmer’s time!” Maybe they are right, but,what they don’t know is,


This is the Road I Choose.

This is me, unique, and irreplaceable. Although people doubt me I am not strong, they question my ability, but they don't know, I am getting strong, a lot strong than before. Because, I am already walked out the maze of confusion. I know who I am. The spirit will drive me further, to what I want to be, not what others want me to be.

I feel very thankful for joining REDBird. It is a precious experience for me, and really changed myself, from how to learn, to how to cooperate from others.

Top View
Top View

I think these inspiring words from an advertisement from Microsoft(which seems removed), is just perfect to end this article:

There are those who will tell you,

it’s too difficult,

too challenging to even try.

But you refuse to accept any limits.

You have big ideas,

and drive to make them happen.

That spirit that compels us to move forward,

is not just in some of us.

It’s in all of us.