Teach to Learn

date: Apr 24, 2016
- REDBird
- SMARTe Goals
language: English
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Recently, My father assigned a special task for me - to teach one of the child of his friend; however, what pressures me the most is that the child is in the same age as I am, but he is learning in The United States Of America. This made me nervous, because I have never tried teaching before. I am really nervous. However, It turns out to be quite good. I love it.

He asked me several questions, and shows his interest in c#/c++ language. Yet he claim he’s the professional of Java, And I feel shame that I actually cannot program in Java. However, He told me, "It’s okay, I totally don’t know how to C#."And then, we had a short lesson on C# on some background information.

The first class reminds me of my goal of finishing several apps. Seeing he is so eager to learn a new language, I feel that is what I should be. As an engineer, or programmer, What we need is the passion, the love for the app. This is the ultimate truth for all jobs. If you want to be the best, you have to feel it, love it, and play it. For the people who love their job, they are not job, they are games to play. They are full of ambition and passion.

Looking at myself, I really feel I should have a change. These days I always making excuses, but I never thought what I need and what I lost. This is the new beginning. If I never try, never speak up “I have a idea”, I will never have a chance.