Bring happiness to elderly

date: Aug 31, 2016

Days before, I participated in a volunteering event called Soup of Love 愛心湯水贈長者 to conduct activities and distribute traditional Chinese soup to the elders. This is not the first time I participate in volunteer work, however, I am still really nervous in the event.

In the event, I help to register the participated elderly, although I have a hard time pronounce the names in Cantonese, I managed to complete the registration process. Also, I helped distribute the soup to the elderly. Although I complete the event without any error, I found myself have problem dealing with people, especially communicating.

In this event, I found myself not active enough, especially in speaking. The participant of the event complains that my voice is not load enough and they cannot hear it clearly. As this is my weak point, I decided to make a change. I need to be more confident and more brave to talk with people. Because of this, I want to be more active and make more friends, so that I will be more confident to communicate with other people.


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