The Trip To OCS

date: Dec 22, 2016
language: English


Recently, I am lucky enough to get a chance to attend a convention called OCS with Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Hong Kong. OCS is short for Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents and Guangzhou Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology, which is a huge activity for overseas Chinese students and scholars as well as Chinese companies and enterprises. Here, Let me record my tip to Guangzhou to attend OCS.

On the first day, we visited the new Business Central District to give us a feel of how business in Guangzhou is running. We also went on a cruise to absorb the astonishing view in Guangzhou. On the second day, we basically visited the OCS。 However, it is not what I have expected. The emptiness of this event gives me cancer. Luckily, I still absorb some trend of developing in Mainland China, I think this is still a nice trip for me.

Also, I met several good friends in the trip, this is what I am most happy about. I finally step out my tiny friend circle, for a larger range of friends. I hope I can eventually get more friends later, as I move on.

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