Reflection on MSSS Halloween Masquerade 2016·MSSS假面舞會2016活動檢討檢討

date: Dec 30, 2016

This is one of the activities that is really successful that we involved in. This activity is to help our members to relax during the Halloween period, and it attracted 37 people to join and 20 people showed up joining the masquerade. It is possibly one of the most successful activities I successfully held.

All committees

In this activity, none of the major accident happen, but it seems a bit hurry while the show up rate is also pretty low. This is possibly due to 2 problems:

  1. Time Management. We are not able to help manage everything with only three people since it is not a small activity that only need one person. Also, due to the failure of seeking funding, it is a headache to promoting our project.
  2. Low show-up rate. For this I think this is possibly because it is about the final and no one would like to show up to waste their time on such thing. Also, people also possibly embarrassed that they are not looking good to dance with others.

During the masquerade

In order to solve this, I have following solutions:

  1. Planning earlier. If we can plan early, we can easily consider all the situations so we can prepare better when we have unexpected event to happen;
  2. The topic can be further discussed so that it can be attractive to people more and reduce people’s so-called embarrassment on the people.


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