New ideas with my REDBird project

date: Feb 24, 2017
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language: English
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After several discussions, our team have decided the ways we will promote Deep Into Hong Kong and how the photo will be displayed, promoted and submitted. It seems nice that we are nearly reached the conclusion.

However, after we prototype the idea to other people, some of them raise the doubt that will the project eventually achieve the awareness for Mainland students since most of them do not like to go out. Several friends of mine also mentioned this problem. One of my friend, Chris, said that it can be tiring to go out to try something, and that is why thing like fast food and take out is so popular among the students in HKUST. Another friend, Johnny, told me that it will be rarely to attract students to photograph unless they are photographing enthusiasts who already have a willing to go on lots of field trip to photograph.

Shangsi Festival(上巳节)
Shangsi Festival(上巳节)

This troubles me since this idea need a large modification to be more effective. As I am having a hard time, a committee member invite me and the committee members of MSSS Photograph Society to work together to have a Shangsi Festival event to hike and photograph. This inspired me to have a new idea of the event:

The complete proposal will be put up later on the website.