I have been trying to use X11 apps using Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10 before using VcXsrv. However, since Microsoft update Ubuntu to 16.04 since build 14936, this method no longer work. However, with the correct setup and awesome tools, Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10(WSL) can be still as awesome as you will expected.

My Personal Setup



WSLtty is a sub-project by MinTTY. This tool use minTTY as a terminal of Bash on Ubuntu on Windows/WSL.


Using WSLtty, you can:

  • Replace command prompt with minTTY;
  • Start a WSL bash in the current folder/directory with one click;
  • Start a WSL bash in the WSL user home with one click;
  • Start a WSL login bash with one click;
  • Start a WSL bash in the Windows %USERPROFILE% home with one click;



An alternatives to WSLtty. it is more simple compared to WSLtty.


Using wsl-terminal, you can:

  • Open a WSL terminal in current directory using open-wsl.exe;
  • Add a Open WSL Here context menu to explorer.exe using tools/add-open-wsl-here-menu.js (and run tools/remove-open-wsl-here-menu.js to remove it);
  • Can run any .sh (and any others like .py/.pl/.php) script files in wsl-terminal using run-wsl-file.exe, support Open With context menu in explorer.exe;
  • Open any text files in vim (in wsl-terminal) using vim.exe, support Open With context menu in explorer.exe. vim.exe can be renamed to emacs.exe/nvim.exe/nano.exe/... to open files in emacs/nvim/nano/....



wslbridge is a Cygwin program that allows connecting to the WSL command-line environment over TCP sockets, as with ssh, but without the overhead of configuring an SSH server.

WSLtty actually uses it to achieve the connection.



cbwin is a tool to launch Windows programs from “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows” (WSL).

Using cbwin, you can:

  • Win32 command line tools in the console, invoked from WSL
  • Win32 command line tools with redirections to WSL (stdin/stdout/stderr to or from pipe/file)
  • suspend/resume propagation (Ctrl-Z suspends the Win32 processes, fg resumes them)
  • exit codes propagation
  • launch “detached” GUI Windows programs (uses start of cmd)



I am a extreme fan of Arch, so as you can see, I feel pretty disappointed when WSL is using Debian. However, this will be no longer a problem by using alwsl. alwsl is a tool to install Arch Linux as the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) host.




This is an set of python Scripts to replace the distribution behind Windows Subsystem for Linux with any other Linux distribution published on Docker Hub. It support a wild range of Distribution including Fedora, Debian, CentOS and more.

Windows Subsystem for Linux Distribution Switcher

Jekyll Installer For WSL


Install Jekyll can be hard in WSL, since Ruby cannot be installed properly using rvm or apt-get. I personally wrote this script for install Jekyll easier with one line of code.

Jekyll Installer For Windows Subsystem for Linux

Hexo Installer For WSL


Just like Jekyll, Hexo also cannot be installed using normal method, with nvm or apt-get. Again, I personally wrote this script for install Hexo easier with one line of code. But be careful that this script is not supported in Build 15031 due to a known bug.

Hexo Installer For Windows Subsystem for Linux