Reflection on Bicycle Riding Event

date: Apr 11, 2017
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language: English

Bicycle-riding from Ta Mei Tak to Sha Tin is the sub-event for my photograph competition for attracting more and more people to participate in the photo competition. The event itself is a success, however, an unexpected accident happened to me which hurt myself, with help from other teammates, the event ends well anyway.

In this activity, 30 people registered and 24 people paid, while 3 cannot show up due to their personal time conflict. Looking at this event, we actually did well on this event on several category:

  1. Time Management. We actually complete the whole event a lot earlier than we expected(not because of my accident), I think this is due to that we are planning early that we do not have much time clash.
  2. Activity Engagement. People are actually enjoying the activity and do like the event very much. They also really like the kind of scenery of Hong Kong since they do not visit such kind of places before.

However, the event still lacks things like pre-cautions that needs to be done before the activity. Otherwise, I will not be hurt this badly.

Group Photo of bike ride


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