Reflection on my REDBird Journey

date: Apr 11, 2017
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It’s been about 2 years since I joined REDBird. It is really surprising how time flies. In 2 years, I learned many new things, and I also find out I also have some disadvantages during learning to be a leader.

Earlier in the year, I have set up two major SMARTe goals for my leadership:

I want to be a good time manager, and be able to be able to complete this activity between March and May, with a good time management skills as well as motivations to my teammates and other people to do, to increase our efficiency.

Keep your Team on Task to Deliver Projects
Keep your Team on Task to Deliver Projects

In this 2 years, under different courses and lessons, I meet more new friends and learn more ideas to help boost my leadership development. These 2 years, I learned several important things including:

  1. Building relationship. I improved a lot in the area of helping and improving the relationship with other organizations, people and my friends. After the leadership, I became more open and active, and more willing to help others to help people
  2. Confidence. I become more confident on doing things, and with less doubt when doing my project and when I have problems. I am more determined.
  3. Tolerance and ability to accept diversity. In my team, there are students from a diverse of background, which they might be not in the same grade, or even some of them are postgraduates, Masters and MScs. I get more chance to know people from different background, and I am able to accept people more with a totally different background.

However, during this process, I still find that I have several problems:

  1. Time Management. I am still not good at managing the time although I successfully did some of the activities, I find myself cannot allocate the time right for my personal time, which caused me a lot of time which make my schedule full and affect my schoolwork.
  2. Motivation. Although I did improve a lot in this area and my friends also see my improvement on the area, it is still not enough to be effective on others. I need to find new ways to get my teammates to keep motivated.

Design Thinking for our Sustainable Future
Design Thinking for our Sustainable Future