Reflection on my REDBird Journey

date: Apr 11, 2017

It’s been about 2 years since I joined REDBird. It is really surprising how time flies. In 2 years, I learned many new things, and I also find out I also have some disadvantages during learning to be a leader.

Earlier in the year, I have set up two major SMARTe goals for my leadership:

I want to be a good time manager, and be able to be able to complete this activity between March and May, with a good time management skills as well as motivations to my teammates and other people to do, to increase our efficiency.

Keep your Team on Task to Deliver Projects

In this 2 years, under different courses and lessons, I meet more new friends and learn more ideas to help boost my leadership development. These 2 years, I learned several important things including:

  1. Building relationship. I improved a lot in the area of helping and improving the relationship with other organizations, people and my friends. After the leadership, I became more open and active, and more willing to help others to help people
  2. Confidence. I become more confident on doing things, and with less doubt when doing my project and when I have problems. I am more determined.
  3. Tolerance and ability to accept diversity. In my team, there are students from a diverse of background, which they might be not in the same grade, or even some of them are postgraduates, Masters and MScs. I get more chance to know people from different background, and I am able to accept people more with a totally different background.

However, during this process, I still find that I have several problems:

  1. Time Management. I am still not good at managing the time although I successfully did some of the activities, I find myself cannot allocate the time right for my personal time, which caused me a lot of time which make my schedule full and affect my schoolwork.
  2. Motivation. Although I did improve a lot in this area and my friends also see my improvement on the area, it is still not enough to be effective on others. I need to find new ways to get my teammates to keep motivated.

Design Thinking for our Sustainable Future


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