Reflection on Self-directed Journey(After Event)

date: Apr 16, 2017
- REDBird
- Reflection
language: English

My project finally ended today and start grading and voting for the photos. Looking back, the event is painful and long, especially I hurt myself during the bicycle-riding event, but it is still very educational and beneficial to me.

The competition is considered not successful, since there are only total 6 people joining the competition with total submission of 13 works , but I am still feeling pretty lucky since I actually do not have enough promotion due to the accident, as my teammate think I should not try to work as I am hurt.

One Submitted Work "Perl of the East"
One Submitted Work "Perl of the East"

During this time, we have two major problems addition from the previous reflection:

  1. Lack of promotion. This is also mostly due to the my accident, which leading to cut one possible promotion during the time.
  2. Timing. The time is just between the final and midterm, which is the most busy time for the student to complete their projects and their homework. This timing is shown that it is not good for such competition, and the start of the term is possibly better.

What we gathered from this project shows that it is, firstly, important to choose the time wisely for the event such that it will be helpful for people to participate in such activity. Also, promotion is important. One cannot cut it in any ways, but well, I should still be careful next time so that I am not hurt in such kind of accident. :(

One Submitted Work "Geometry"
One Submitted Work "Geometry"

However, during this competition, I also enjoyed benefits from the competition and learning from it addition to the previous reflection:

  1. Participants from the bicycle-riding event as well as the participants in the competition both showed their interest on the things which they do not expect to have during the whole process, most of the people giving positive feedback from two events. Francis Cai, one of the participant from the competition, wrote in the mail to us: “Thanks to giving me this awesome chance to experience and capture Hong Kong!”
  2. Also, I am able to build new relationship during this process which helps my project continuing as well as building my future relationship network.