Automate Everything with CI: Part 1

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date: Oct 17, 2019
category: Dev Notes
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“Automate Everything with CI” is a series of articles showing the progress of automating most of the action in my project WSL Utilities, including checking, testing, building, and deploying. The automation system is still updating at the time, so this series is a continuing updating one.

In this article, I will talk about the intention of automation.

Does automation save time?

Ha! There is an xkcd comic for that:

Wait a minute

You know, there is always an xkcd comic for that.

Wait, so you are telling me automation is not time saver?

It actually depends.

In my case here, I need to check license compatibility, build and deploy packages for different distros from Debian to Alpine Linux. These jobs are going to be time-consuming to do manually, especially setting up the development environments. Automation with CI definitely saves a lot of time to do everything at once: build and send about over 40 packages targeting different platforms to Package Host packagecloud.

Currently, WSL Utilities is already using much automatic process, and the system is already complete:

There are still rooms to improve, but the series will surely go on as time goes by.


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