Microsoft Build 2021: My Tiny Little Summary

date: Jun 03, 2021
- C#
- Microsoft Build
- WSLg
language: English
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Oh, look, a wild Microsoft Build appeared! The Microsoft Build this year was, you know, all virtual again. As a person who is more interested in .NET and WSL development, I find it disappointing that not much of Windows development is mentioned in the entire conference. It made me miss Build 2019. While I am still not recovered from my master’s study, my laptop died right during the Build conference; I can only provide a straightforward summary of this year’s Build. Well, I think let’s dive in.


To my disappointment, there is not much new in this build. This build generally recapped everything we have so far, such as WSLg and ``wsl --install`. The only new thing I noticed is Visual Studio’s ability to debug using the browser in WSL using WSLg.


The sessions about .NET is packed with information, although there is nearly 1-digit number of sessions about it. .NET Upgrade Assistant (Help upgrade .NET project to latest version) would be possibly a great tool for me to migrate my old projects to newer version, and .NET 6 with its Single stack (only one SDK, BCL, Toolchain for cross-platform) structure made it looks really promising. Here is a quick sum up from the session: