Announcement Regarding Domain Change

date: Feb 16, 2018

Today, on Feb 16th, 2018, my old domain is expired without notice and I am not able to renew the domain, and all related sites including and and apps including UWP DevKit and Fcus are affected.

Hence, I am here to announce several changes according to my entire server:

  1. will now be combined with, and under new domain
  2. will now be combined with under new domain
  3. WE. Studio will have a separate site on GitHub with new support mail
  4. App updates for UWP DevKit and Fcus as well as other possible affect area.
  5. Comment system will be updated to use HyperComment Instead of Disqus. All the comments will be lost.

I apologize for the inconvenience that caused. Thank you for everyone who supported me.


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