Switching Images when Changing System Theme

date: Apr 26, 2022
language: English

Following system color scheme in HTML easily achieved since the availability of prefers-color-scheme in CSS. This website also uses it to automatically switch themes. But right now I need to switch images according to the color scheme.

A quick search online reveals that most solutions are using JavaScript to achieve the goal, which would be not ideal. This is because:

  1. My major goal is to reduce the usage of JavaScript on this site, so user can still visit the website without losing experience;
  2. Some places requires no JapaScripts, thus unable to implement.

After some more digging, I discovered this article on WebKit blog. As mentioned in this article, we can use <picture> to achieve the goal:

<source srcset="dark.jpg" media="(prefers-color-scheme: dark)">
<img src="light.jpg">

Just simply replace light.jpg and dark.jpg to the desired image path and it works like a charm.

One thing I am worried about is whether it supports other browsers like chromium-based ones. After testing in Microsoft Edge and Brave, the code do work on both chromium-based browsers.


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