Solving GSConnect on Fedora unable to find phone

date: Jan 08, 2023
- Linux
- Fedora
- GSConnect
language: English


This is a quick post on how to solve the issue of GSConnect on Fedora being unable to find mobile phones; The solution already exists for a while but it is hidden way too deep in the issues so I decided to write a quick post on how to solve it to help others.

The short tale

As you might know, I switched from Ubuntu to Fedora a few months ago due to Firefox snap broke my workflow. Recently, I wanted to use GSConnect to connect to my iPhone. I installed the extension and the KDE Connect app on my phone, but both devices cannot find each other; I tried multiple methods, including refreshing the list on both devices, and debugging the network like opening ports on the Linux side and removing additional Proxy service on my iPhone. Unfortunately, all of them do not help. After digging into the issues in GSconnect for a while, I found this issue that is unrelated to my issue(there is no error in journalctl):

There is one comment at the very bottom of the issue. it contains just one command:

systemctl reload --user dbus-broker.service

After running this command, GSConnect finally works and I can see my phone in GSConnect: